Thursday, April 8, 2010

Link for X, HAL & udev

It seems we could thank HAL for all these years of great work and say goodbye in a short period of time (source below).

To be honest I still feel confused now and then about what (fill this blank) is doing for me. My understanding is:

linux kernel ─>─ udev ─>─ HAL ─>─ X server
                   │                │

So I just try to find more about X/Hal/udev thing, and keep some links here. (Remember the best source of information is always the official web sites and the mailing list).

(Not) blaming HAL by Keith Packard (explains what X server needs from HAL before 1.8)

Manage Linux Hardware with udev by Carla Schroder (tells a little history of udev and HAL, and how /dev, /sys works.)

* source: Free Server 1.8.0 with udev to replace HAL

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