Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Google Service Blocked by Chinese Gov

It seems the Chinese government is now crazy about blocking foreign websites, now, and all services of Google except are now blocked by the Great FireWall.

Web censorship ans secrete police are now bringing the country back to the bad old days :(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sigh...blocked again :(

As everybody knows, there is a Great Firewall(usually called GFW for short) between we Chinese internet users and the 'out side world'. Unluckily for some unknown reason, blogger and blogspot is blocked by GFW recently which does cause me a lot of trouble to keep blogging here... Anyway, I will try hard to keep this site updated.

Get Chrome Work in Arch Linux

Abstract: several steps to get chrome working on Arch linux

  • Google only provides deb pkg officially, damn...

  • download the deb pkg from:

  • unpack, copy everything in opt to /opt

  • mkdir lib32 in /opt/google/chrome, and make symbol links as:

  • enjoy chrome...though I can't input Chinese in its linux

Update Jun 13, 2010: Now chromium is in the official repo, and if you'd like to use Google Chrome(beta), it's in the AUR.